Monday, September 9, 2013

➸ Removable Arrowhead With Detachable Blade ➸

This arrowhead have been made from two separate blades that are arranged at cross angles to one another and then held in position by a collet.

The collet having a cooperating cam sleeve for detachably locking the blades together in a rigid manner. A thread insert is then provided for the collet which can be removed from and attached to the arrow shaft.

This then provides for easy withdrawing of the arrowhead assembly from the game and easy disassembly of the arrowhead to be sharpend or for repair.

Removable blade arrowhead detachable arrowhead bow arrow
The picture shows a composite arrowhead having a pair of blades that are detachably secured together at right angles and which are locked in position with one another and in detachable connection with the shaft by means of a collet and cooperating cam sleeve.

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