Sunday, May 5, 2013

➸ Broadhead ➸

Rage 2 Blade Broadhead Stages in air and impact deployed
An arrow tip with cutting blades, commonly used for hunting animals. Can have mechanical / expandable or fixed blades.

Show here is the Rage 2 Blade Broadhead and the stages it makes during flight and after impacting the animal.

Displaying several different broadheadsNormally an expandable broadhead have grater penetration and can also have a slightly faster speed than a fixed blade because of it's compact design.

The expandable broadhead also have a slightly larger cutting area once fully deployed. This helps to make a bigger wound caused by the arrow but at the same time does not reduce the penetration of the arrow in a significant way.

Broadheads most often come with either 2, 3 or 4 blades. The Rage 2 broadhead seen is a 2 blade tip and it causes a very wide cut making them a favorite amongst hunters who hunt larger and medium size game.

➸ Brace Height ➸

Brace Height Bow Tuning GuideBrace height indicates the lenght of a direct line from the back of the grip to the bow string.

Generally, the lower the brace height is, the faster the bow is. It is faster because the shorter brace height means that the power stroke is longer.

But because a shorter brace height provides a longer powerstroke it can be much more difficult to shoot accurately.

This is because the arrow is on the string longer. A lower brace height may also cause arm contact with the string, thus requiring an arm guard.
Arm Guard Compound Bow Camo

➸ Bow Square ➸

Bow Square attatched to stringA bow square is a T-Shaped device that attatches to the string of the bow.

It is used to measure the brace hight and to find the initial nocking point on a bow.

Set up single cams about 1/8th to 3/16ths nock high.
T-Shaped Bow Square Attatched to string

Saturday, May 4, 2013

➸ Bow Sling ➸

Picture of a Bow Sling in use
Picture of a Bow Sling in use
A leather or nylon strap, fastened to either the bow or the archer's hand, which prevents the bow from falling to the ground when the archer shoots without gripping the bow.

On compound bows it is typically attached by the bolt on the stabilizer that attatches to the bow.

➸ Bow Hand ➸

Lady demonstrating the use of bow hand (her left hand in this picture)
Demonstration of bow hand (left hand)
What does bow hand mean in archery?

This is the hand that is holding the bow handle.

See also Bow Arm

➸ Bow Arm ➸

The Lady in the picture is demonstrating bow arm (left arm)
A Lady demonstrating bow arm (left arm)
What does bow arm mean in archery?

This is the arm that is holding the bow handle. The demosnstration shown here in the picture is of a lady that is using her left arm as her Bow Arm.

See also Bow Hand

➸ What does Back stand for in Archery ➸

What does back mean? And where is it located on the bow?

The back indicates the side of the bow that is the farthest from the shooter.

➸ Arrow Shelf ➸

Picture showing the arrow shelf of a bow
Picture showing the arrow shelf of the bow
The arrow shelf is an inlay just above the handle on the side of the bow where the arrow passes as it leaves the bow. This arrow shelf is also part of the riser.

Traditional bows are ususlly shot off of the shelf because this puts the arrow closer to the bow hand. The bow hand is what points the bows in instinctive shooting. Feathers are better for stabilizing an arrow and are quiet when used on a rest or the shelf. If you shoot off of the shelf, leave a small gap between the edge of the shelf pad and the side plate. This gives extra clearance for the fletch.